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BlueScope Distribution offers a wide range of types with vastly varied dimensions to suit every possible application. CHC sections are commonly used for general engineering, in agricultural settings, and for reticulation.

Steel Tube & RHS

CHC can be welded, bent, drilled, and screwed. Thickness ranges from 2 mm to 5.

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The outside diameter ranges from Its smooth flat surfaces can make construction easier. Due to the minimal edge preparation required when connecting sections and its ease in joining to other sections, requiring only a straight cut before wielding to another flat surface.


In industrial settings, they are prized for their strength and ability to withstand high temps, pressure and destructive elements. RHS Steel comes in a broad range of sizes to suit the required need and can be cut to exact specifications. They are sometimes preferred in structures with exposed structural supports for their aesthetic value, its clean lines and flat surfaces are considered pleasing to the eye compared to the other shapes such as the circular or square variants.

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They can also come in a wide variety of colours and finishes to enhance their aesthetic quality and are sometimes less susceptible to environmental factors. It has a high strength to weight ratio, can be more cost effective and is able to be recycled and used for a variety of other roles.


RHS Steel has many different uses and applications due to its versatility and strength. This is due to the flat surface resulting in a structural solution that is more economical for joining and various other types of fabrication works.

Due to the rectangular shape of this type of hollow section, when joining to other flat surfaces sections only need to be straight cut. RHS requires minimal edge preparation for welding or joining. RHS can also be used for architectural aesthetics due to possessing clean lines alongside structural strength.

SHS also features attributes of CHS, with its symmetrical appearance, formed in equal-sided square hollow sections — as opposed to circular sections.

SHS provides an ideal balance between strength, functionality and aesthetic appearance for a multitude of applications that require all three aspects. Alternatively, email us at — info brisko.

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