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Event is over. Session 2. Increasing private risk-sharing through a European safe asset.

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Session 3. Supervisory framework for integrated capital markets.

Speakers list. Event Date Day 1 - Wednesday. Event Topic Banking and other Financial services.

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View Event Details. Judicial cooperation and cross-border data gathering in the fight against crime What future for E-evidence? European Futures Forum. What is the impact of the Basel capital reforms on EU banks? Banking and other Financial services.

Task Force on Rebranding Capital Markets Union: Second Meeting – CEPS

What is happening to the democracies and unresolved conflicts of Eastern Europe? Stakeholder workshop: Competitiveness of the renewable energy sector. Breakfast Meeting. Book Debate: Exodus. Three Meanings of Brexit. Impact: The fragmentation of the financial services industry comes with a hefty price tag, PricewaterhouseCoopers found in its report analyzing the impact of Brexit. On the level of individual financial institutions, there are, of course, the one-time costs of relocation.

Beyond that, the report warns of ongoing costs for financial services firms operating in Europe and reduced efficiency of the financial services sector as a whole, citing lower labor productivity, higher capital and liquidity requirements for subsidiary bank branch operations, the duplication of corporate and operational costs, and a reduction in the depth of market liquidity. A global shift away from London could well have negative repercussions on British-based financial institutions and corporations, the City of London, the British economy and the health of the pound. But the dominos may not stop there.

The interconnectedness of our global economy indicates that those repercussions could easily spread to the EU and the rest of the world. Major U. The impact of Brexit is not necessarily going to be negative all around, of course.

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For instance, while some investors and lenders may turn their backs on what they fear is a sinking Britain, opportunistic investors may see U. As for British and possibly EU-based financial institutions, they may find it makes more sense to look toward the U.

Financial Markets and Institutions

There is certainly room for growth; in , no British banks were among the top 10 commercial real estate lenders in New York City, and HSBC was the only one in the top 20, a CrediFi analysis has found. Yet at the same time, U.

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  • Indeed, though much of the talk about who could benefit from Brexit has centered around prospective European substitutes for London, it may be markets across the Atlantic that are poised to gain at least as much. Setting aside the prospect of trade wars, the U. More specifically, New York City could potentially be a bigger winner than a Frankfurt or Paris embroiled in a de facto power-sharing situation with other European cities. In addition, real estate at least outside the U. Gateway cities and secondary markets in the U.

    And global alliances may also shift, with Brexit fears potentially trumping U. Ely Razin is CEO of CrediFi, a real estate finance data provider that leverages billion data points to bring transparency to the financing of millions of commercial I cover finance and technology related to commercial real estate. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin.

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    Ely Razin.